Amanda Balionis, with golf in your hands

His long career as a journalist began at the Hofstra University, from which he graduated in 2008 and specializing in Broadcast Journalism. He has worked on CBS 2, ABC News and CBS Sports, as well as being part of the local radio station WRHU. He is currently a specialist in golf reports for CBS Sports, fascinating more than one user with his luxurious golf attire.

Personal life

Amanda Balionis was born on June 6, 1986, and at 32 she has a very good relationship with her parents, Tony and Dana Balionis, of whom she is the only child, and she publishes many photos with them in their networks. Although he does not know much about his personal life, he has proven to be a great lover of golf and dogs. The first shows it by uploading photos while playing with his parents or during his work. With regard to the second, it has been noted through its constant publications with furry friends. It is known that he currently owns a Pug and Cockapoo.

Amanda Balionis is very reserved with her private life, which has earned her an air of mystery that has attracted a lot of attention, but that has not affected her reservation at all. Despite this, it has some publications making comments or explaining experiences that make it possible to know its character.

Like the publication, he did on Instagram a few months after his parents’ car accident, where Amanda Balionis he let his followers know first-hand the details of his experience and suffering.

In golf

This sport has marked his life, according to her, since childhood. He not only enjoys playing with good company, but he has opened doors for him in the workplace, for which he expresses that he will always have an important place in his heart. His foray into golf came when he applied to become part of the live team coverage of the PGA Tour, currently becoming part of the CBS Sports golf team, one of the most recognized in the sport.

Posted on November 4, 2018