An adventure next to Professor Nobles

The life of Anthony Nobles has been full of many shared experiences that have been captured in documents and publications. But there is a very peculiar one where you can detail how Tony Nobles has managed to expand and have a great reach with his technological advances and contributions to medical science.
We began this experience traveling to California, Fountain Valley, where one of the Noble Professor’s offices is located. At first glance, it is an industrial building without much pretension, but once inside the perspective changes radically, since the complex has a high range of cutting-edge technological equipment, among them a modern laboratory of innovation, a laboratory that allows 3D prints, an operating theater, and a very sophisticated machine shop.

The first day at the facility starts very early in the morning with Professor nobles touring the place, from one department jumping to another, he works mostly from research, manufacturing, regulation and even development. After that he spent a moment in his corporate role, so that in a sudden instant the magic that characterized him would take place, an idea occurred to him and he immediately took it to reality, together with the engineers, assemblers, and technicians showed him his vision and guided them to develop a team that had better access to an open-heart procedure. Just fantastic!
Once the entire process was supervised and the product was finished, he calls the quality area director to proceed with the tests that would determine the approval or not of the new equipment, here his engineering knowledge and his experience gained in the FDA come out.
But the surprises do not end because it would come with what for me is the greatest learning experience acquired in terms of performing a procedure on a heart. He made me supervise the technique used by cardiologists taking advantage of their technology and medical equipment applicable to patients.

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