Checking the IP address of router- How to find your routers IP address?

So you want to know the local routers IP address that you are currently using, as it is used for accessing the web-based setup of the router. It is also called as default gateway configured on your system Ethernet adapter when connected to the network. It is necessary for you to check router local IP address ensure that you are using the right address and is accessing your router. One of the most important thing that a person needs to keep in mind is to ensure that you have the connection of your device to wirelessly or Ethernet cable. The process of finding the IP address of your system might be little bit different as per the OS you are using. Learn How to find your routers IP address through this article.

Here are different steps for checking IP address on various OS-
• Windows 10- Click on search option on the task bar and enter “cmd”. Click on command prompt option. In that command prompt window, Type “ipconfig/all” and then press enter. Look for your local IP address of the router you are using by checking into the default gateway.
• Windows 8/8.1- On your keyboard Press on windows key and then type “cmd and then press enter key. Into the window of the command prompt, enter “ipconfig/all” and press enter key. Check for the local routers IP address by looking to the default gateway.

• Windoiws7/windows vista- Click on button Pearl option given at the search field and then type “cmd”. Now click on cmd icon. Into command prompt window type “ipconfig/all”. Find out the IP address of router getting into default gateway.
• Windows XP- Click on start and then “Run” option. Enter “cmd” and press OK. Type “ipconfig/all” in command prompt window. Find out the local IP router address checking in default gateway.
These are the simple steps you can follow on How to find your routers IP address.

Posted on April 9, 2018