Examining The Game Of Thrones And The Walking Dead

The game of Thrones and the Walking Dead are two series that are part of the greatest series of all times. Both were produced from books and have a lot of popularity. While it is true that both are popular, it should be noted that the latter is more popular than the former. When the numbers of people who view both series were compared as at October 2016, it was discovered that the latter had 8 million fans more than the former.

In the game of thrones, the storylines were three and it seems like the storylines are never going to end. It keeps expanding as the day goes by with each episode. It has to do with the nobles and their struggle for Power as well as some hidden things that go on among the high and mighty in the society. But, the Walking Dead Season has to do with the invasion of zombies and how survivors are trying to safeguard themselves. There is more horror in this series than in the game of thrones. Both of them, however, contain so many surprises and suspense.
Although nobody knows How many seasons of walking dead or the game of thrones there would be, the already produced seasons has passed across a lot of messages already. For instance, the game of thrones seems to have reached its peak in terms of what it can offer its fans and in the last two seasons, the producer has been trying to keep it at that peak. Whereas, the case for the Walking Dead is that the series is still getting better by the day and still taking fans to the peak.
As you can see from the above, there are so many similarities between both series and so many disparities too. From all of this, it is clear why most people prefer the Walking Dead Season to the game of thrones and can be seen from the number of fans they both have.

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