How dogames (العاب) create understanding between the generations?

In this innovative and modern era, the younger generation is modernizing at a very high pace. This has created much of the gap between them and the older generation who are unable to combat with them. The older generation feels dejected and rejected by them. This has created much of the fuss on the social media because of the fact that the older generation is feeling very much downcast. To overcome this issue the Games (العاب) have been introduced which are very much promoted on the internet. The games are easy to play and are very interesting.

The main aim of thegames (العاب) is to promote the understanding between both the generations. Thus the older people play these games with the younger generation and are fascinated. So, the younger generation is given the chance to learn from the older generation and hear about their experiences and stories. Playing games has always been a very integral part of the society. Not only for the children, but also for the adults, games could be very interesting and improve the skills of the mind.This spirit of spending time together had lost somewhere in the pages of history.

This is very much important to create a healthy environment in the society and the family maintained as the children would be able to spend as much time as possible with the aged people. Through this way, the relations between the families would strengthen and get stronger. Games (العاب) are also one of the games that are to be played by the members of the family. This way the family is able to spend some time together and have fun. This has a very important impact on the society and issues like separations and other problems are reduced to as much extent as possible.

Posted on January 11, 2018