How to get a League of Legends Booster easily?

League of Legends is abbreviated as LoL is an online game that involves multiple players. It is a battle based game the game can be played against other team players or a computer. The aim of the game is to destroy the other team’s nexus, which is considered to be the heart of them. The player is called a booster and boosting is an act where he logs into another player’s account that is called as a boostee. The League of legends booster may range between 120 to 200 EUR. But in order to get the boosters at a cheaper rate, you have to search online for various services.

Many boosting are available and can be broadly classified under two categories.
1. Solo boosting
2. Dual boosting

Solo boosting is a type by which the booster provided by the company plays by logging in to your account for winning the game. Many subcategories are available like solo division boosting, solo placement matches, solo net wins, and solo normal matches. A division boost can help you have your choice of booster and team. Solo placement matches guarantee 7/10 win ratio on your placement matches. In this type, booster plays on your account. Solo net wins will guarantee the number of wins of your team with the booster playing on your account. Solo normal matches allow you to play normally without any ranking restrictions.

The dual boosting is exactly similar to the solo boosting except in the case you will be playing from your account and the group will be playing with the company’s boosters. These are available by every company and you can obtain by paying certain cash. League of legends Booster can be obtained easily just by a simple search on the web browser.

Posted on January 3, 2019