How to work with Desktop as a Service?

Increasingly, computerized equipment is used to perform tasks at our workplace or at home. Gone are the files of papers, the records in notebooks or books, etc., this way of keeping documents represented a risk of loss, deterioration and of occupying space in the office.

Thanks to the invention of computing, paperwork was reduced and the filing system was perfected, but one of the greatest advantages is the delivery of documents quickly and easily. Memories appeared to store information and email, but the issue of security was not very reliable.

There is an application called daas (Desktop as a Service) that allows you to deliver your emails securely to your desktop in the cloud. The administrator of this application is Cloudzen partners, which is responsible for backing up, updating, modifying and recovering content, keeping the information free of viruses and notifying the user by means of messages.

You can feel calm that all your information will be secure with the best technological system. The desktop as a service is one of working with the support of the application, which guarantees the user an easy and simple download in an electronic device with hardware and software that is not very sophisticated, being able to access the cloud from any place where is found.

On the other hand, the company handles a control of the users, being able to enter them or eliminate them. Daas providers can be provided from a public or private cloud or a data center, so the employer chooses the one that suits him best. Files and emails can be shared securely, thanks to mobile device management (MDM). Through BYOD (bring your own device) you can enter from any phone, tablet or computer and the information will be sent directly to the cloud, protecting it in case of theft or damage of the equipment.

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