Importance of site structure in the private network blog

You would have read a lot about the 21pbn, if you are planning to start such a service. This is a nice way to get targeted results in a short period of time and that is why people are still using this method to get the back links. In this method, you own a lot of blogs and use them to help a target website get into the business. If you are placed on the top rank in search engines, this means that you are going good and to get this position organically, a lot of time would be required however using PBNs to get this, you can attain the position in a few days. This actually works but only if your PBN operator is aware of the technique and he knows that how to avoid things from being getting worsen. There are a lot of possibilities of things to get worsen because Google is in a constant search for black hat strategies being used to help websites get the top rand. The main purpose of Google is to provide relevant information to the users and this is done through quality content. Therefore, first recommendation for you as a private blog networking operator is that you should not foul produce the content, try to be as real and genuine as possible.

Site dynamics-do they really matter?
While setting up the websites in a network, have you ever thought about the site structure? It should definitely not be the same for all the sites otherwise you might get caught. Similarly, it should be well designed and should look legit otherwise there are great chances for Google to find and smell anything wrong going on. If you are going to set up a gambling website, then try 21 PBN for your top ranking results.

Posted on July 11, 2019