Online Etizolam as Recreational Drug Can Be Harmful

Etizolam is fast acting depressant which belongs to chemical class of thienodiazepine and is used as cheaper alternative of pharmaceutical benzodiazepines for similar effects on the body. This is widely used and most popular generic chemical compound which is sold in pharmacy shops in India and Japan under various brand names from different pharmaceutical companies. It is a prescription drug because overdose of this compound can be lethal when taken without recommendation of the physician. Its long-time use is usually not recommended because its sudden discontinuation can result in seizures. You can understand how this compound effect human body in different ways.

Its effects on human body
This compound is known to cause three types of effects in human body.
1. Physical effects such as sedation, euphoria, muscle relaxation, motor control loss, respiratory depression, giddiness, increased sexual desire and momentary erectile dysfunction.
2. Cognitive effects such as anxiety suppression, memory suppression, ego inflation, emotional suppression and sleepiness.
3. Paradoxical effects have higher frequency of occurrence in recreational addicts, patients already in high-dosage regimes, mental ailment conditions and children. However, in normal conditions, increased anxiety, increase seizures, loss of impulse control and suicidal behavior have been occasionally reported.
Etizolam in grey market
This compound appeared in the grey market in 2011 for the first time as research chemical in the United States, but some drug addicts with high knowledge of chemistry were successful in finding its use for recreational purposes and its online selling was launched through online drug shops. People could easily buy Etizolam by placing online order to any Etizolam vendor. Online selling of this compound became a big market in short time. Etizolam USA is usually a product of Chinese manufacturers which is sold in bulk without quality control and is available in pallet form. etizolam pellets usa are unreliable compounds and can have harmful effects on the body, but these are sold without prescription and without age confirmation for recreational users.

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