Profile of a real estate agent Navis Living Group

One of the most important people in the real estate sector is “the real estate agent”. He is a worker who acts as promoter, mediator, and negotiator in the market for buying, selling and renting real estate. People who wish to work in this area must know the requirements to perform the necessary functions and achieve standing out.

Professionals who have previous knowledge of finance, marketing, administration or related career can lean towards this activity but that does not guarantee that it will perform well, it requires a special training through a real estate agent course, where the tools to be able to practice as a real estate agent.

It must be a priority to have certain social characteristics that will basically define their training and professional skills, since a real estate agent needs to be skilled with the power of the word, easy to converse and convince their clients, be able to develop empathy, teamwork. All the professional competences integrated with the personal aptitudes are the key to development in this work. Must have the high organizational capacity, this will depend on the optimal management of the resources that manage (time, customers, goods), be proactive; must have an attitude directed towards the achievement of its objectives but willing to be alert to events and setbacks. Improvement and constant updating; keep in a permanent process of learning and improvement.

Currently, we offer a “Property agents Career“, which handle a wide range of training content that helps people to have a better approach to practice this profession. They invite you to become aware of recognizing whether or not you possess the most elementary characteristics of this profession or if you are able to develop and acquire the necessary skills. Learn and be part of this fascinating experience in the world of real estate.

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