Techpally – Turning into a craze

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Techno – A Genre or a Culture?

Techno is a music genre of the electronic form with few or no lyrics with often repetitive instrumental music. Originated in Detroit in the early 1980s, it is believed that its music was inspired from the falling automotive industry. Nevertheless, somewhere along the road, techno music picked up to mean anything electronic and has spread into other forms of media. Techno was further popularized by techno party and techno festivals over the past few decades. These assemblies attract people ardent about the techno culture with grandiose techno concerts and networking for rising artists in this culture. Ever-growing popularity of techno and its intertwining with the culture has given birth to an entire techno culture, featuring a wave of techno media posts.

A way to introduce techno
Consider techno podcasts, such as Deep Space Helsinki and Slam Radio and several others across the globe. These podcasts have been developed by people passionate about techno music and techno mix. Monument, another techno podcasts, has made over 100 podcasts with stunning mixes and introduced some of techno’s brightest prospects to the public. With the growing trends in podcast listeners, techno podcasts stand to introduce a new wave of culture, previously limited to a cult. Similarly, techno blog is the feature which has drawn people’s attention with the look of the electronic arts, music album cover, their ambient mixes. Some of these blogs also host techno podcasts and give information on the upcoming events in the area to the enthusiasts of techno. Not only is this an excellent way of communicating the music, but also to reach a greater audience and keeping listeners engaged.
Techno – a new culture wave
Techno, a form of instrumental music genre, has turned into meaning anything electronic. With the ever-increasing use of technology, techno is likely to grow and get a higher audience. Techno podcasts, festivals, and blogs help introduce the entire genre into the society, fuelling a new culture of techno. Finally, people’s passion drives the techno as it reaches to newer markets in Asia and Africa.