Funny Prank in this holiday season

Its the holidays and you shouldn’t get enough of the fun, so many ideas on how to catch so much fun, but how about some fun with some family and friends at home. This funny pranks would get you laughing out loud when it is done. Everyone loves food and most of all every one loves some of those crunchy chocolates, its like a resolution to always add a pound or two during this season. So here is how this Christmas prank can work.

You take out some crunchy Ferrero rocher chocolates and actually eat them, Ans yeah they are so nice. Hmm..they can be so sweet. Then you take out one of the most hated vegetables, the Brussels sprouts; I know you are laughing now. You take them out and place it into the empty foil where you chocolate was contained, then you use your quick setting chocolate to spray on it and that’s it.
“Anyone wants some chocolates?”, yeah, they always do. And they pop one inside their mouth, and the reactions might be “This is not chocolate,” with a brow raised. Or “oh,no ,what is this?” It’s such a funny prank, I thought she had chocolates.
You can also get your loves ones to think mom and dad bought them a golden retriever for Christmas, well and they are so excited they have a new dog. But its actually a golden retriever. To do this funny prank, you get a garbage retriever and paint with a golden spray, keep it by the side of the Christmas tree and that’s their beautiful golden retriever. Its so funny to see the expression on their faces. When they look at the “golden retriever ” and wonder about how they though the one you meant was the dog called the “golden retriever”. Have fun with this Christmas prank with family.