Figure skates are used for recreational skate

Figure skates the boot has a blade which is attached to the sole by the screw. Boots and skates are purchased separately then it is being fixed to the sole of the shoe by some professional. Many layers of leather are used to make these skates. This is usually made by hands.

Skates of modern age
• The design of the boots changed after the 20th century. Modern skating boot is extremely hard and gives support to the foot and ankle.
• For fitting the boot rightly, the fitness of the boot is necessary. The boots are made up of synthetic materials with linings which are modified heat modifiable.
• In the latest boot technology which is hinged at the ankle for more flexibility which provides lateral support with the ankle.
• There are some differences between hockey skates. Toe picks are the jagged teeth on the front of the blade. For jumping the toe picks. For stroking footwork and spins for jumping. You can have your skates for recreational purpose.
• For that occasional trip to increase the performance of the skater, who is professional. If you venture personal comfort of the skates.

Skating and ice skating
• Skating boots are made up of as you can skate across the sheet of ice while skating on ice. With a sharp metal spike which was used in an ice rink.
• The skating which is done by the members of the club is figure skating or speed skating. Previously ice skating was performed by upper-class people only.
• In England, skating was a game of a particular class. Figure set is defined as skating in different forms.
• Such as incorporate ballet and circle. Ice skates are lots of variety, and for recreation, they have applied for recreation also. A sharp metal spike and a pole pushing it forward.