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Coconut Oil Benefits that nobody knew until today

The coconut is the most delicious, tropical and exotic nuts in the world, and its oil is considered key for women when it comes to getting a divine tan every time they go to the beach or sunbathe. However, interviews and magazine articles seem to be short in explaining the multiple benefits and properties of this oil. For that reason, these are the Coconut Oil Benefits that very few people know.

• Strengthens hair: For its cosmetic use, one of the most popular Coconut Oil Benefits is the way it helps hair growth and strengthening, applying once or twice a week, when the strands are dry and clean.
• Shaving lotion: Although many men will refuse to walk around with the scent of coconut coming out of their face, this oil is a very effective natural moisturizer to apply after shaving.
• Heals cracked feet: Among the Coconut Oil Benefits cannot go unnoticed its moisturizing quality, and as for the feet, how badly they are, helps to improve, reduce and completely cure the cracks or breaks that are formed there.
• Reduces stretch marks: The properties of coconut oil help a lot in the restructuring of the skin, the decrease and disappearance of stretch marks. Just apply a few drops of your oil to the affected areas. For cellulite, it is also a very effective remedy.
• As a sweetener: Being coconut a nut, it is known for its low amounts of sugar. However, its oil has a slightly sweet taste that can replace the refined sugar that is so harmful to the body.
• Egg preserver: That’s right, smearing the shell of the eggs helps them to conserve better, last longer and become more resistant to breakage.
• Homemade Mayonnaise: With coconut oil, egg yolks, mustard, and a little lemon, it is possible to make a mayonnaise-free of saturated fats.
• For hemorrhoids: Apply a little oil on the affected area. Its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties will help in the healing process
• For infection: If there are foot fungi or parasites in the body, a daily spoonful of coconut oil will be the holy remedy for these conditions.
• To fix the closures of the clothes: Finally, this is the most peculiar and unknown use among Coconut Oil Benefits; because of its consistency, it helps to repair clogged zippers faster.

Posted on November 28, 2018