Best types of lubricants

Our store is an online endeavour for a great collection of different brands and products from the world wide for making your sexual activity more pleasurable and amazing. It is like having the great experience with the proper mechanisms. The Lubricant can be really smooth and enjoyable if used properly.

Some of the best form of lubricants are like. Water based lubricants these are found to the cheap and can be easily removed. They are like natural lubricants. Won’t last long but can give great results when used while vaginal sex or foreplay.

The silicon based lubricants are much thicker and are long lasting they are good for oral and anal sex and are not good with silicon sex toys. The sensing based lubricants can make you feel hot cold or numb. They are not great if you have sensitive skin. If doing experiment is your forte than you might try that as well.

Oil based lubricants are like petroleum jelly type of lubricants can’t be helpful if used with condoms. You can use these types of lubricants if you have a perfect relationship and you do not like chemicals or too sensitive skin.

The lubricants used in vaginal based are either water based or hydroxyethyl cellulose-based. The anal based sex requires are much thicker gel and not liquid type. There lubricants have numbing agents. Commonly used agent is benzocaine. This can numb all body parts if come in contact so these agents are avoided in such products and such agents are not used. You have to be careful while see the ingredients used in such lubricants.

The organic based lubricants contain not just the botanicals like aloe Vera or plant extract but also has the combination of animal extract, glycerine, paraben that can be great for the skin. Having a proper knowledge about it can help you with great pleasure.