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Discover who Heidi Przybyla is and why she has generated so much controversy

Surely seeing or hearing the name of Heidi Przybyla somewhere, the first thing that is remembered is certain political criticisms in social networks that were made to the current president of the United States, Donald Trump when he was still as an applicant in the candidacy for the 45th presidency of the country. She used her Twitter account to express her opinion against the sexist statements made by the tycoon.

On another occasion, already ending the year 2017, during a section of the Morning Joe program, Przybyla took the opportunity to discuss some reports related to millions of records on Facebook and Twitter in Russia. That time he declared that social networks were used by the Russians to hack elections for president of the United States. Similarly, he opined that journalists should not continue saying that this campaign did not take effect, because although the Russians could not pass the votes of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, they did attack through the media, through viral messages against of Clinton. The participation of Heidi Przybyla was supported by other people from her area, such as Eugene Robinson and Joe Scarborough.

However, behind such a controversial character there hides a talented, professional woman who from a very young age has fought to fulfill each of the goals that have been proposed until becoming what it is today. In this way, the following will be described in detail, all about Heidi’s life.

Heidi Przybyla was born in November of the year 1973, in Virginia, at present she is 44 years old although she hides them very well because her appearance is very fresh and jovial. He graduated from Michigan State University and later in 1997, served as a correspondent for the Washington Business Journal. In a short time, he achieved a great professional advance by joining the team of leading reporters in the world of politics, Bloomberg. But it was in 2016 when he made the real leap to fame after joining USA Today National and then starting on NBC News, as a national political journalist.

Posted on November 6, 2018