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Throw the Coolest Birthday Party in Town

Who doesn’t celebrating birthdays and throwing birthday parties? The best part of any birthday party is when you hear a guest say, “This was the coolest ever birthday party” or “This is the best birthday party ever”. But, how to throw the coolest ever birthday party, you ask. The easiest way is chuck the clichés and do something different, like a clown party, puppet party or a magic party. It gives you the feel of a carnival and gets the excited like no other and definitely wanting for more.

Puppet party – a coolest event of all:

For the Puppet Birthday Party, you have to start with the decor. Find all the stuffed toys around the house and club them a couple of balloons and hang them in and around the house to provide the atmosphere for the puppet birthday party. Either buy or rent a puppet stage. You can either some professional or doing by yourself.
A great party starts and ends with amazing food. Most importantly, when you want to make it feel like a carnival, go for fun party foods that are both healthy and delicious since your audience mainly comprises of children. Also, come up with creative and funny names to get the kids interested to eat. You could also opt for puppet themed cupcakes instead of cakes.

If there is anything that kids love as much as food is presents. Kids love presents and make sure you get your return gifts or some fun goodies packed up for them. You could also opt for DIY puppet themed return gifts that will remind the kids of the party every time they see them. Select your gifts thoughtfully and pack them with funky and spooky looking coloured papers that induce the interest of the children into opening them. Once, the puppet show is over, give them some time to open and play with them. You could save up your decorations that you either use some other time or lend to your friends that wants to throw a fun birthday as you.

Posted on March 1, 2019
What to Look For When Out Hiring a Clown

Apart from the Children’s Magician, there are other types of clowns which can really spice up the kid’s party. Take for example the balloon twister clown, balloons being one of the most common and popular timeless toys for kids, it will be good if it is present at the party. If a clown who is funny comes up with an amazing balloon creature for each child that attends the party, this could be the best deal for entertainment you could ever have.

The following are some of the things which you should look out for when hiring a clown:
• The age group audience
Find out whom you are organizing the party for. Which age group is going to attend. If you saw a great clown at the circus of a friend’s kid birthday party, then you can go ahead and utilize them and that is if you are also organizing a birthday party for your kid of the same age group. Events vary depending on the age group of the guests that will be attending and thus, it will be best to ask the clown if they are comfortable with your particular age group.

• Issue About Language
It is possible that your preferred clown is the best in town but if his performance includes tricks or storytelling, then there should be no language barrier. For example, if most of the kids attending the party don’t speak French, then the amazing stories and tricks of the clown entertainer will not be entertaining to everyone.

• Extra Talents
The clown should be equally good at his extra talents as this will save you money, paying one entertainer who is a clown, acrobat, and face painter. Get it right.

Posted on February 23, 2019