The use of secondary glazing London, as an alternative, to reduce noise pollution and help to heat spaces

In cities where the cold climate remains for many months of the year and the temperatures are not very low, it is necessary to look for resources that keep the houses and buildings as warm as possible. Another disturbing factor is the noise pollution produced by cars, commerce and the hectic rhythm of the city.

That is why Interior Glaze has successfully implemented secondary glazing London. This method has contributed, to a large extent, to solve the problems caused by annoying noise, reducing its intensity by 80%, proving that it is very effective at isolating sound up to 45 dB. This result allows families to stay away from the scandal and rest comfortably at home; On the other hand, it also allows workers to concentrate better in their offices, having a better performance in their obligations.

Regarding the issue of heating, Interior Glaze specializes in manufacturing panels made of very resistant plastic, covered with 6.4 mm glass, which allows moving away from noise, condensation and cold at the same time. These panels are quite light and can be adjusted to any shape; they are embedded in a frame made of an aluminum extrusion that provides resistance to the elements of the climate.

By installing a window with secondary double glazing, you will get more efficiency in heating your home, saving a considerable amount of money on your bills. Also, entering the page will be delighted with the gallery of photos that show our variety of models, among which are windows with traditional frames, arched, guillotine, gazebo or large windows.

We also offer secondary glazing, in windows with several sliding panels, swing doors with fabulous colors and shapes, which are sure to fit your space. Our professionals will make a budget that suits your pocket and with the measurements and colors that you always dreamed of, to look at the panorama from a wonderful window.