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Hide tv cables with the most complete kit that we offer on our website http://www.hidetvwires.com/

When we make an electrical installation or wiring in our house we want to do it in the best way, especially when it comes to the cases with the flat screen TV and what better way than those cables that are mostly hanging we can disappear them from our site and give it a better look to the wall of our rooms and living rooms, that’s why today we have for you the best solution to hide tv cables, they are easy to install so that not only a professional DIY technician does it quickly but you can do it without any inconvenience and feel proud of the work done.

This hide tv wireskit comes with two double voltage socket outlets with UL certification and all connections UL / CE / ETL certified required for installation on the wall where you want it invisibly behind the flat screen TV. The best thing about this is that it is not necessary to hire electricians for conduit or cables. Install the kit and plug it from the nearest outlet to give power input.
Among the features that it offers these is that fast and comfortable to install, the kit brings you everything you need to organize your cables, it will be cheaper than buying piece by piece, comes with clear instructions on a visible poster, with different ports for you to use the one of your convenience, it will be finished first and it would seem that a professional would have done it when seeing that no high or low voltage cables are in sight, but concealed wires in wall. Visit our website http://www.hidetvwires.com/ to see more information about what we offer and ask any questions or questions that may arise about the products, purchase and payment methods and even excessive shipping costs.

Posted on May 7, 2019