Wengie is back with Gumball Machine

One of the best thing in the world is chocolates. But when you are at home, it is very hard to find chocolate as they are scattered everywhere. Sometimes mom hide them because we make mess while taking them. But now those days are gone because wengie has introduced this new life hack that will help you in maintaining your chocolates so that there won’t be a mess and you can eat them anytime. The reason why she introduced his hack is because. She herself in a chocolate lover and it was very hard for her to find and maintain chocolates every time.

The main motive of our video is to explain the procedure of making a gumball machine so even you can make it at home. She explained it in a very easy way so that even a kid can make this machine. And the most fascinating thing about this machine is it is made from home components so you don’t have to go out and buy materials for it. Things that you require are a jar, some cardboard which has gaps in between, a small spring, some colour to make your machine look colourful and some long toothpicks.

Getting appropriate measurements is the most important thing in this entire tutorial, if you got right measurements of the lid and made proper cuts on the cardboard then your gumball machine would work awesomely without breaking down. You can get more such hacks at a YouTube channel. We also provide seasonal life hacks that you should use in seasons like winter or summer to make your life easy and comfortable. The best thing about our channel is that we also have some have some pranks that you can use on your friends and families to make the environment funny.