How to Organize A Duck Race – Tips & Advice

Organizing a wholesale rubber ducks is a best method of raising capital at any event, and bringing a little bit of fun competition into the event. People and kids particularly love sponsoring a duck, and audiences can enjoy viewing the race from the sidelines. The first cost of buying plastic or rubber ducks and other equipment can be easily recouped, with the capacity for a good profit and also the opportunity to re-use lots of the exact supplies during following events.

There are a range of things that you want to think about when organizing a duck race, such as purchasing supplies and employing for necessary licenses. This report covers all you will need to organize when planning your wholesale rubber ducks, also makes a few tips for making the most of your occasion.

Practicalities & Location

The first thing you Have to do is buy your basic equipment:

Plastic or Rubber re- you may naturally require a set of ducks, amount based on how big of water you wish to use and how big your event. You are able to conduct a race with as much as 10 ducks, and you will find occasions which race tens of thousands of ducks in broad arctic rivers.

Waterproof Pen- you’ll have to indicate the ducks together with numbers or names in waterproof ink, therefore buy a water proof marker and this is sometimes re-used for almost any new ducks you purchase for after events.
Tickets- you might want to have tickets that correspond with a duck numbers or names, even though a smaller snowball race may have host names written on a notepad hence saving you the price of tickets.

Prizes- you may naturally require several prizes for the winners of the own race! Based upon how big your race you may want a selection of smaller prizes for runner-ups, or only 1 prize for the greatest winner.

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