Top tourist attractions in Malacca

People love Malacca city in Malaysia always, whether they visit for the first time or maybe many times. It has a unique blend of modern living, ancient building, breathtaking sights. This is the rich heritage of culture and also one of the best destination for travellers. There is a blend of the rule of British, Portuguese and Dutch. Malacca is one of the attractive places for tourists and they can stay in Homestay Melaka to enjoy the most.

There are few attractive places in Malacca that include-
Malacca church-
This church name is St. Paul’s church which is one of the attractive and famous places in Malacca. This place is full of history and rich culture of the country. It situated at the summit at St Paul’s hill and built in 1521.
Heritage Museum-
This one of the wonderful museum in Malacca that also known as Baba Nyonya heritage museum. This museum established in 1896. It was the family home for the Baba chan family. This has been the blend of cultures of the western countries and eastern countries. Museum design has influenced by the Eastern tradition, history and European architecture.
Jonker street –
It is a huge marketplace of Malacca and can buy everything. This street is the centre of Chinatown. Jonker street filled with the goodness, many cultured people, rich history, cafes, historical landmarks, restaurants, and attraction. Chinatown city is complete with delights. This place always will be crowded with people even on the weekdays too.

Temple –
On the Jonker street, there is one famous Chinese Buddhist temple and this is one of the oldest temples in Malaysia which situated in Malacca. This temple is dedicated to the God of mercy. This temple has been designed by the son in law of captain Li, he is the second captain of Malacca. Homestay in Melaka (Homestay di Melaka) around the temple is easy to find with all facilities and friendly nature staffs.

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