Various types of massage therapy in trend

There are many types of therapies provided as per the need. You can see the list below:-
• Shiatsu
• Acupressure
• Soft tissue release
• Thai massage
• Prenatal massage
• Swedish tissue massage
There are also many other types of techniques that are in trend and for detailed information one can explore the internet and can search which therapy is suitable for various diseases.3

Massage is the application of soft tissue manipulation techniques to the body. It channelize the energy in the body and circulates the fluid in the body. Activation of the cells is the basic function of the Massage Therapy. It makes the person feel relaxed and reduces mental pressure. Whenever people feel mentally disturbed and there is imbalance of mind then there the person prefers massage to get the relief from it. In these cases, Massage therapy is also recommended by the doctors as well.
Who are massage therapists?
It has been observed that 80% of the therapists are females. They prefer it as their career. To become registered therapists one has to pass various exams related to the science of massage and has to get various professional training programs. Various standards are needed to be followed as established by the health regulations acts and governing bodies. Thus it is becoming the emerging profession day by day. Various colleges have been established in many countries to increase the quality of the service and the therapy is becoming a fully fledged course.

Which massage therapy is suitable?
Many massage therapist use oil or many don’t use it as there are different massage styles and techniques as mentioned above. Massage technique to be followed depends upon the reason of massage as different massage techniques should be used for ‘massage for relaxation and tension relief’, ‘massage for symptom relief or any health problem’. So, best technique of massage is depends upon the reason of massage and best technique can be measured only after considering all the different factors.

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