What are HID kits and its comparison with LED?

The HID kit contains an HID ballasts and bulbs that are retrofitted into Halogen lamps. The HID headlights are required to produce an effective and safe beam pattern. The halogen bulb contained in the HID Kits has a light source which is cylindrical. The space that surrounds the outer part of the cylinder is completely dark. It is dark so that it is easily distinguished between the bright and dark lights. An HID bulb has the crescent-shaped light source in the form of an arc. The space around the crescent glows light in a layer. It differs in comparison to the LED Headlights.

The LED bulbs generally have a very low lamp arc, and hence this makes it less energy efficient. LED bulbs are rivals of HID bulbs as they both are very popular. HID has the most Mature technology than the LED. HID is the king when it comes to brightness. It has the highest level of illumination. A lot of development and research brought this technology to us. It also offers a wide range of color spectrum such as from 3000k to 30000k. The color of the HID lights is the best in the daytime. HIDs produce infra-red light along with the visible light. It is also capable of withstanding the cold weather.

Comparison between HID and LED lights:
• An HID bulb has got different power levels than the LED bulbs.
• An HID bulb offers seven colors while LED offers only two colors.
• HID has got slow warm-up time, but LED has a fast warm-up time.
• HID has sometimes got the plug and play install.
• The radiant heat of HID is 450 degrees whereas LED bulb has a radiant time of 230 degrees.
LED headlight bulbs generate less lumen than the HID headlights. Since HID bulbs take more time to warm up, so it is used in some applications. The HID kits are used in areas such as large public areas, warehouses, Movie Theater, roadway, parking lots, etc.

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