What is a Video Wall and how it is Economical

Electronic advertising is the key growth business to be in. With the growth of new expertise the resolution is becoming more original and exclusive, permitting enterprise to advertise in places and to specific types of clientele for a lower cost than historic advertising solutions.

We have all see the considerable electronic publicity billboards at the side of the road. Now there is a more cost effective way out for digital outdoor led sign and this is the enormous display wall.

What is a video wall?

Video Wall is a large number of LED diodes that are cabled jointly to form an area. These diodes are on an adaptable backing, so they can be rolled up, reducing storage space, then the photo and video is lined across the tvs by mean of sender and recipient.

Fix a LED display wall:

Rather than having to fit the heavy TVs to the holdup structure all you require to do with a large display. LED wall is connect on the peak of the video wall to fasten then link clamps at the corner and base, pull down the tensioning straps on the back of the Led wall taking up any slack.

Now a large TV wall can be use that is great for all weather conditions apart from snow – but who would wish to be out in cold temperatures viewing ads?

These water proof and dust proof solutions are as priced as a usual digital outside signage solution.

To sum up

It is expected that any person who is using a video wall will save their 60% on fixing time, will utilize maximum space for storage as well as reducing on transportation costs. So it is advisable to use Video wall instead of traditional methods

Posted on January 5, 2019