What is facebook hacking?

Unlike previous years, now a day, people hack facebook accounts to polish their skills in programming or just as a hobby or just for fun or to irritate friends or say to help police to find a criminal, etc. With the advance of technology, knowledge and education, the facebook hacking is becoming more and more difficult. Before few years, it was easy to hack a facebook account with a single brute force attack which would crash an account in an hour. But now, even Facebook has implemented some high and secure strategies and methods which are very hard and difficult to crack. But, with the help of some general programming language holes, it is still possible pirater un compte facebook (to hack a Facebook account).

Professionals and hackers will still do their hacking task, irrespective of how progressive the security of a website, like facebook grows. Hackers, generally play by manipulating these language holes and recover out the confidential information straight out from facebook servers and then use same information for their further work. For hackers, it is like they daily discover facebook hacks and try to maintain the database of methods to hack a facebook account.

Some widely used Hacking Techniques
So, apart from usual brute force attack and some other basic techniques like to either to guess a password or search for a password within the document or attacking the primary e-mail attack and resetting the password or phishing attacks, etc. there are some other backdoor entries plans also available for to hack a facebook account. These techniques include semi-brute-force attacks, keyloggers, cookie-retrievals and some other infrequent and rare lists. Additionally, Brute force attack, Trojan based facebook password hack, clickjacking and phishing attacks, Cookie theft facebook account hack and RAT’s are widely used techniques to hack facebook account.

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