What is the use of curp y rfc?

Curp is an identification system used in Mexico which is a unique key of registration registry which is confirmed by the alphanumeric code of 18 characters which is used to identify both Mexican citizen and residents of the whole country. Whereas rfc is a federal taxpayers registry used in Mexico that distinguishes every company or individuals obligated to pay tax. curp y rfc is used by people in Mexico so to identify whether they are the residents of the country or not. To every country, there is identification cards developed that makes people the resident of a particular country.

This card serves for various things in the Mexican republic. It’s also been granted to every citizen of Mexican territory, to every foreigner who is living legally in this country. Many people think that to them it is not important to have documents in hand when they have a birth certificate which serves as the registration and has voter credential. The fact is that these documents are very much valuable which is helpful to identify an individual living in a country.

How is curp y rfc represented?
The curp y rfc is made with 18 elements which are represented by number and letters because it is an essential part of data that every resident of Mexico has in their documents which should be: the birth certificate and immigration document or naturalization letter. The curp card refers to the first and last second name of the person, the birth date of the individual, sex and to which federal the person was born. The last two numbers or elements of the curp card avoid duplication of codes guarantees the correct integration. Then you have to present yourself to the local administration office which is closest to your house. This card should be made within 15 days once you made the request online.
Using the curp y rfc card you can easily become the permanent resident of Mexico.

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