What to know about software for construction checklists and punch lists

At http://www.topteny.com/construction-punch-list-versus-quality-management-checklists/, you will be able to learn about software for construction punch lists and construction checklists. They are at times used instead of the manual punch list process and paper inspection checklist process. Both have their own pros and cons and you will have to choose whichever depending on your preference.

Here is what you will learn at http://www.topteny.com/construction-punch-list-versus-quality-management-checklists/in regard to the software
Punch list software: It tends to be much more efficient as compared to the traditional method. This is thanks to the automation software and modern technology. The software is capable of sending items to those concerned automatically, as well as reminders and notifications about the tasks which are in progress and those which have been completed.

This improves communication as it includes locations and pictures to convey details pertaining to the construction, accurately. The punch list software can be used to generate quick reports to help in assessing the number of punch list items which each subcontractor has handled and how fast they are acting on them to completion.

Inspection checklist software: If you compare it to the paper-based checklist, this software makes the entire process to be easy to update, share, and manage. A set of inspection checklist can be accessed by several stakeholders at the same time and updates made in real time. Adding notes, pictures, and signatures is something which is very easy. There is time-saving with the software as it is in a position to create a final report, which might satisfy the client and make it possible to easily share the inspection report with others.

As an inspector, you will be able to use the software to add pictures and notes of items and get another field where others can be able to respond with their specific comments.

Posted on May 18, 2019