Why using a barrel sleeve is importance?


If you have played even a little bit of paintball, you might have seen throngs of paintball players gathering around the snack counter or ammo room trying to equip themselves for the next game.

The number one way for paintball players to get shot on the paintball field is actually when they are not playing the game at all! How can this be? It is because there are tens of thousands of accidents where someone accidentally fires their gun while just walking around before a paintball game begins.

One of the easiest ways to fix this problem would be to purchase a barrel sleeve. A barrel sleeve attaches to a gun and is simply a sleeve that you put over the barrel, like a sock. This will also protect the barrel against dust and debris that can otherwise get in. of course, it will stop paintballs from leaving the barrel as well.

Another way to bypass this problem would be to turn on safety on your paintball gun. If your gun is an advanced or even an intermediate gun, chances are that it will have a safety switch. Please turn this on when you are not playing paintball as you can probably save someone’s eyes or face!

Just like how it is important not to hurt others by mistake, on a paintball field, you must also do everything you can to protect yourself. Don’t just shop for paintball guns when you are trying to buy all the stuff you need to play paintball.

Get yourself a paintball mask, a harness, forehead protector and good quality boots and apparel as well. It might also be a good idea to get a box to protect your groin. When buying a paintball mask, try buying a paintball mask that will be easy to speak out of. Your voice shouldn’t be muffled because of the mask and you should also be able to hear what is being said to you.

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